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Upping the Tonnage: Industrial Production Rising

According to the US Federal Reserve System (FRED), total production output has risen 5.2% year over year, as of September. Manufacturing has risen .4%, and manufacturing employment is on the rise as well. All signs that contradict recession fears.  The “R” word has been bandied about both in whispers and screams for some time, for […]

Chassis Study For Shortage Solutions

One of the key contributors to supply chain congestion since the e-commerce boom has been a shortage of chassis for container drayage. From larger vessels bringing in more boxes, to chassis being held longer because of more goods and limited warehouse space, old equipment, higher cost of imported chassis due to tariffs, it has evolved […]

Finding the Perfect Fit

Wade Waldren: Finding the Fit with Bestway

With kids across the country heading back to school and the impending pumpkin spice storm, the fans of the gridiron are hard at work designing fantasy football teams of all-stars. Similarly, and with much greater success, building a handpicked team of the cream of the crop continues at Bestway. This week, we’re talking about Wade […]

Debbie Huffine

Debbie Huffine: 10 Years of Service-Minded Care and Steadfast Optimism

Debbie Huffine has been the face and the heart of Bestway in southwest Missouri for the last ten years. If your cargo has moved under Debbie’s watch, you’ve seen that there’s no doubt that she cares about her clients on a personal level. “It’s part of who I am,” she says. “We’re going to give […]

Driving Best in Class Bestway

Mike Zimmerman: Driving Best in Class Bestway

Staying ahead of the curve isn’t just a platitude at Bestway, but a promise. The ability to pivot fast and look at the tremendous number of solutions and opportunities available allows us to build a stronger team. Logistics is full of shared challenges – as long as the solutions worked, people have done the same […]

Mindy Avants

Mindy Avants: Finding Balance in Bestway

Starting with Bestway International in January of 2020, the job Mindy Avants walked into ended up looking very different almost instantly. Within a few months, everyone was working outside the office, ocean rates started to spike and the logistics of the world was unrecognizable as the pandemic unfolded. Even now, with lessons learned from the […]


Updates with Ukraine: Supply Chain Disruption

With Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine, shippers can expect more increases in freight rates, fuel costs, supply chain disruption (both in the war-affected area and globally), and surcharges. With disruption and delays being the biggest concern, it’s likely going to be a ripple effect. China to Europe shippers may even switch to sea to avoid […]

Lunar New Year

Preparing for 2022 Lunar New Year

As 2020 drew to a close, the concern surrounding Lunar New Year was centered around the blanked sailings that we typically need to prepare for, but the challenges of this year make the mess even bigger than before. The blanked sailings could be the best and worst thing to hit us in over twenty-four months. […]

Kelli Adkins People 1st

The People-First Approach of Kelli Adkins

For ten years, Kelli Adkins has embodied the Bestway vision that puts relationships, trust, honesty, and personal ownership above all else. Her dedication to creating friendships through clients and taking pride in their satisfaction has led to a decade of successful leadership with Bestway International.  Starting as the manager of market development, Kelli came to […]

Out of Chaos, Community

The Bestway from Chaos to Community

With container rates out of Asia at an all-time high and truck shipments losing integrity as a dearth of drivers hits hard, the alert that the congested ships at anchor in San Pedro Bay, waiting for a berth at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, is anyone really surprised that this week, news […]

Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert: Jack McDonough

In a logistics market that is moving faster than ever before, Bestway employees have to be at the top of their game in every facet of transportation. It is our belief that greatness comes from opportunities to meet prepared teams of experts. Building upon decades of experience and a rigorous commitment to quality service, Bestway […]

Bestway Spotlight: Dave Kachevas

In the midst of the turbulence of the logistics market, a steady, experienced hand is needed to hold down the fort for clients. In the fast-moving world of air freight, a cool head in the face of urgency is the key to de-escalating issues to respond with forethought and wisdom. Without bombast, Dave Kachevas, Bestway’s […]