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Crushing cross-border cargo concerns with Bestway International

In the intricate landscape of North American trade, adherence to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is a regulatory requirement and a strategic asset for businesses that want to compete globally. Compliance with these agreements ensures cargo services run smoothly and efficiently, avoiding costly delays and fines. Bestway International is a pivotal partner in navigating these […]

Mastering CARM: The Essential Guide for Canadian Importers on CBSA’s New Customs Process

As part of our commitment to keeping you informed about changes that impact your cargo, we want to draw your attention to the upcoming transformation in Canadian Customs processes with the introduction of CARM (Canada Border Services Agency Assessment and Revenue Management). CARM is a groundbreaking initiative by the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) designed […]

Red Sea Shipping Disruptions: Bestway’s Analysis of Current Maritime Challenges

In the wake of escalating tensions in the Gulf of Aden, Bestway is closely monitoring the maritime industry’s response, particularly the strategic decisions affecting global shipping routes. The recent move by Cosco-owned OOCL to halt cargo acceptance to and from Israel is a significant development, underscoring the heightened concerns over maritime safety. The situation’s complexity […]

Adapting to Port Dynamics: Bestway’s Expertise Amid East-West Coast Shifts

The logistics landscape is continually changing as the latest reports reveal a shift in import volume trends favoring West Coast ports. Bestway International remains committed to providing exceptional service and support to our customers during these fluctuations. Growth at West Coast Ports A divergence in port performance has come into play as data from September […]

Building Supply Chain Resilience Amidst Freight Market Uncertainties – Bestway’s Insightful Approach for 2024

Struggles in the freight market are causing complications for shippers. Weaker demand brought on by inflation, an influx of new trucks and drivers adding excess capacity into the market, and higher fuel costs have created a situation where the outlook for 2024 is uncertain. With LTL rates at an all-time high, up 100% from five […]

The Booming Growth of US-Mexico Cross-Border Trade: An Opportunity Not to Be Missed

The United States and Mexico share a rich and intertwined history, and their trade partnership is a testament to their enduring relationship. In recent years, we’ve witnessed a consistent surge in cross-border trade, with experts predicting this growth to reach a staggering $1 trillion by 2028. Since December, the Mexican peso is among the top […]

Natural Disasters Brewing

Bestway on Preparing for Natural Disasters in the Supply Chain

In logistics, natural disasters can severely disrupt supply chain operations. From hurricanes and floods to droughts, the consequences for shipments, cargo, and schedules can be detrimental. It’s evident that proactive planning and strategic responses to these challenges are crucial.  Key Steps to Ensure Preparedness: How Bestway Logistics Stands Out During Disruptions: Natural disasters, though unpredictable, […]

Canadian West Coast Port Strikes & You

The ongoing Canadian west coast port strike, currently in its 10th day, is becoming increasingly critical. As ocean carriers scramble to adapt, modifications to their operations are already under way. At Bestway Logistics, we stand by our commitment to ensure the smooth transit of our customers’ goods. As the situation unfolds, we’re keeping a close […]

Navigating Drought-Induced Panama Canal Restrictions with Slow Steaming

Severe drought conditions in the Panama Canal are having a significant impact on global supply chains, as the Panama Canal Authority  implements draft restrictions limiting the amount of cargo the world’s largest ships can carry.  From February through April, rainfall in the Panama Canal declined by 50% compared to recent averages, SeaTrade-Maritime reports.  Water levels […]

Post-Pandemic Shipping: The Value of Forwarder Support

Now that the disruption in ocean shipping caused by the pandemic has started to settle, we’re seeing that service improvements are happening in many sectors. With fewer delays, less congestion, and a reduction in imports, the flow of cargo traffic can move easier than it did over the last two years. As reliability, scheduling, and […]

Detention and Demurrage: Updates

Detention and demurrage charges are back in the news as carriers stop charging for days when the terminal is closed. Under the threat of the FMC investigation leading to questions of antitrust, carriers are giving in and accepting that customers shouldn’t be responsible for not returning containers on days when containers couldn’t be returned through […]

FMC Fee Recovery: Don’t Break the Bank

The showdown between ocean carriers and the FMC continues this month as the agency takes a closer look at MSC, the largest container line in the world. After the pandemic disruption, the FMC has initiated several investigations into carriers for excessive fees, incorrectly applied fines, and reports that carriers refused returned equipment due to space […]