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Container Collapse & Keeping Yourself Covered

A container collapse on a vessel isn’t a new phenomenon, instead, they’re considered a cost of doing business on the ocean market. Weather issues, Acts of God, cargo not what it is tendered as therefore wrongly manifested and other troubles can hit in moments during a voyage. Consider that these ships cross oceans hundreds of […]

Hapag Lloyd North American update puts in stark terms the port and inland rail congestion

We received the following operational update from Hapag Lloyd for North America and have chosen to reprint the announcement in its entirety to underscore the challenges that supply chains are facing in keeping cargo moving. _____________ We would like to update you on operational status in Canada and the United States. TERMINAL OPERATIONS Los Angeles […]

Container shortfalls are no match for Bestway

A shipping container shortage being driven by import cargo demands, surging Chinese exports and a rising trade imbalance is now impacting another group of American companies – exporters. Fortunately for exporters in the heartland of America, Bestway has the solutions to keep those orders moving to foreign buyers. Like the virus itself, it has moved […]

Congrats on that export order! But can you fulfill it legally?

Exports are the counterweight to imports when it comes to reducing trade deficits between the United States and trading partners. While we have a bevy of imports that are brought into this country, the export of goods (and services) equalize and play a role in free and fair trade. US companies which export have an […]