May 22, 2024 | By Bestway

Baltimore Port Resumes Operations as MV Dali is Refloated

Bestway learned in a very welcome update that the MV Dali, a 9,000 TEU container ship, blocked the Port of Baltimore for nearly two months after colliding with the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26th. This incident halted vessel transits, deeply impacting the port’s operations. However, the vessel is now being refloated, and operations are underway to move it to a local marine terminal. This process, initiated in the early morning hours on May 20th, is expected to take about a day.

Four temporary navigation channels were opened to mitigate the disruption, allowing some vessels to transit, but many large containerships remained affected. With the refloating process in progress, Maersk has reopened bookings for its AGAS and AMEX services, set to call at Baltimore on June 1 and 11, respectively. Bookings for Transatlantic and TP12 Baltimore exports remain closed until further updates on channel conditions.

This development brings hope for resumed operations at the Port of Baltimore. However, the seafarers on the MV Dali remain onboard due to visa restrictions, unable to communicate with the outside world. 

Coupled with the container shortage and capacity out of China, ocean cargo is under focus this week as Baltimore steadily returns to normal. While the world watches for the resumption of normal operations in Baltimore, every change and tweak on the trans-Atlantic will shake out against the current market. If delays kick up on the US West Coast, we’ll see the impact of Baltimore’s capacity or lack thereof. 

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