April 21, 2023 | By Bestway

Port Labor: Crucial or Minor Inconvenience

Light was shed earlier this month on the contradicting perspectives that continue to cause uncertainty with labor negotiations between the International Longshore Workers Union (ILWU) and the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA). Whether the situation is “crucial” or “a minor inconvenience” , as quoted by the respective groups, is yet to be determined.  The contradicting perspectives set an uncertain tone for compensation and automation at a time when the market share is down due to a steep fall-off in demand after the pandemic congestion problems.  

Earlier this month the PMA made claims that a port labor stoppage had been initiated as huge numbers of workers were not arriving for their shifts.  Shortly after the release of PMA statement, the ILWU released notice that Thursday April 6 was a union meeting to include the swearing in of an incoming president, and members were encouraged to attend.  The union added Friday, April 7, was Good Friday, a regularly scheduled and observed holiday.  

Regardless of the intent of the statements by the PMA, the situation resumed on April 10th as “Business-as-usual”.  These statements come in contrast to earlier comments that negotiations were making forward progress with compromises and concessions, even on key points such as healthcare.  

We at Bestway continue to monitor this port labor situation as it evolves.   We have solutions for the congestion issues that plague the west coast. If you need to stay above the fray, let Bestway guide you to a new horizon.