December 19, 2022 | By Bestway

Slow Down for Chinese Factories

China’s economic slowdown has had a significant and far-reaching impact on the global supply chain. The competitive advantages that elevated Chinese industries are systematically deteriorating, at different rates, resulting in decreased demand for Chinese goods. Supply chains relying heavily on China’s products are scrambling to find alternative production sources and suppliers.

In response to this disruption, some businesses are turning to US logistics and near-shoring strategies to create resilience in their domestic supply chain. Logistics partners have an essential role in this process, as they can help companies identify the most efficient routes, maximize inventory management capabilities and streamline transportation processes.

The advantages of utilizing a professional, experienced logistics partner go beyond just cost savings; they can provide companies with invaluable insights into their own supply chain operations, as well as potential opportunities for growth. Bestway has the experience and expertise to help businesses develop customized solutions for their current needs and future supply chain goals.   One way Bestway clients are evaluating major supplier changes are by using Bestway’s rate management system for both short-term and long-term trailing looks at cargo rates to identify possible benefits as they emerge.

While China’s economic slowdown has had a significant impact on the global supply chain, Bestway is no stranger to disruption. Since the pandemic kicked off, we’ve been developing solutions to provide faster and more efficient options to our clients. US logistics and near-shoring strategies, coupled with the expertise of our industry partners, can help businesses ensure that their supply chain remains competitive in a changing market. 

With the right approach, companies can continue to deliver goods quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.  By leveraging the insights and experience of Bestway, businesses can create resilient supply chains with the confidence that their operations are optimized for success. If you’re ready to get ahead of the curve and discover the Bestway to meet the challenges and opportunities coming your way in 2023, contact us today to learn more and meet the moment head-on.