July 23, 2021 | By Jay Devers

Bestway Spotlight: Dave Kachevas

In the midst of the turbulence of the logistics market, a steady, experienced hand is needed to hold down the fort for clients. In the fast-moving world of air freight, a cool head in the face of urgency is the key to de-escalating issues to respond with forethought and wisdom. Without bombast, Dave Kachevas, Bestway’s Senior Air Export Operations Agent, is thoughtful when looking back over his two decades at Bestway.

“If you can be calm in the face of stress, your clients will be calm. The people around you are looking for information and assistance. Somehow I remember the things that went wrong over the years and remember the solutions we used. It helps me advocate for useful ideas that benefit our clients without wasting time being frantic.” His opening remarks are cautious, deliberate but heartfelt. 

When asked if he attributes his success to patience in the manic world of air cargo he chuckles, “Oh sure! With all the headaches going around I don’t have to be one of them. Every day is a new challenge, a new solution, a new chance to learn something interesting. It could be silent and steady and then ten minutes later it feels like you’re in the wild west. I never needed to move around to find excitement. It’s right here, each day.” 


Fresh out of high school, Dave found himself working for an airline catering company which led to working for Circle doing air and ocean administration for five years. He moved from Circle to FedEx where he could work the overnight shift while devoting his days to his lawn care business. A chance referral saw Dave join Bestway in 2001 working the air export night shift. 

“It was the family atmosphere, the support and knowledge of the team, and just how passionate everyone was about the work we do. It’s hard to be unhappy when you’re growing alongside a dedicated team whose company you enjoy being in,” Dave says. 


Giving credit to the industry, he believes the ever-evolving regulations require the same constant improvement that makes employees feel good, as though they’re getting positive feedback for learning new things. 

“I’m here to steer people to compliance, always. We don’t work without fresh ideas, solid education and a positive work environment.” 


Dave has been instrumental in servicing nearly every major customer that Bestway has had in his 20-year tenure. His grounded nature and industry knowledge make him a natural fit to look at situations with a critical but efficient eye to bolster relationships and add value to them. In a world where job-hopping and industry movement is growing faster and faster, we may not see many more careers that span the time of Dave’s. His dedication and purpose alone have him standing above the pack. 

If you want to get to know Dave and learn more about how he can help with your air export operations & cargo, you can contact him here