November 17, 2020 | By Jay Devers

Broker leaving you out in the cold?

We all know what it’s like to shop at a warehouse store. If you’re an empty nester like me (we’re not true empty-nesters, but with one reclusive teen under our roof it feels like we are), do you really need 18 rolls of paper towel or two dozen eggs at a time? Probably not, but that’s their business model. Bigger, larger quantities that, if you’re single or it’s just you and your partner, you ask yourself whether or not the savings per unit goes out the window if you waste it or don’t use it.

We’re seeing a trend in the digital freight brokerage industry that the more “traditional” and well-known names (we’re not going to promote the competition) are keen to take on larger and larger shippers. They’re apparently happy to make it up on the volume. 

This means that one day you may wake up and, well, they’re just not that into you. Not at Bestway. Not today. Not ever.

Digital freight brokerage platforms operated by large, publicly traded companies are no different than other types of freight marketplaces where the race is to the bottom of pricing rather than the top. In the current trucking environment, shippers need reliable capacity and service first. Yes, price is an important factor, too, but freight brokers before COVID and after will be leaning on the relationships they built and have cultivated to both keep clients happy and to retain them in the long term.

Bestway isn’t interested in pushing up the tiers for our clients and deciding that customers with whom we’ve built long, successful relationships aren’t big enough or generating enough revenue to be downgraded, either in terms of their service or pricing strength. We look at all of our customers equally, and those customers over time become friends.

For many who think of the larger digital freight brokerage companies, it’s really more of an Office Space boiler room than two companies working together for the long term, growing and respecting one another.

Bestway offers dedicated account representatives – people who are long-tenured with our company and who for years maintain those client relationships. Perhaps the highest mark of respect is that if a person or people leave one of our customers, we are fortunate to have two things happen. First, we have retained the relationship and business with that company but second, our contacts are calling us at their new jobs wanting us to step in and provide the same excellent, personal service they’re used to.

If you’re using someone else for your freight broker now – either a traditional truck broker or one of the new digital freight broker platforms and you’ve either gotten that call or are dreading the day it comes, get rid of the unnecessary stress and just call Bestway today. To borrow a trucking term, we’re here for the long-haul and we hope you will be, too.