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We can’t keep all of this knowledge to ourselves! Bestway happily offers advisory services to help you understand the minutiae of your supply chain whether it’s compliance, INCOterms, letters of credit, carnets, break bulk cargo, U. S.  Department of State – licensed shipments, IATA Dangerous Goods Certified cargo, or perishable and temperature sensitive cool chain shipments. We are active in the trade community facilitating seminars, panels, and other public events. We’re with you every step of the way to advise and consult on the most complex and critical issues facing shippers today.

Bestway is completely committed to our customer’s satisfaction and we offer a Simple Test Drive Solution where you can experience all that Bestway has to offer with no risk and no hesitation. We can co-exist with your current broker relationship for 30/60/90 days to offer you an executive summary report on Bestway’s ideas and solutions tailored precisely to your needs. Our approach demonstrates our desire to invest time and effort in your business and illustrates our commitment to helping our customers succeed. Bestway invites you to experience the personal care and attention of a local institution without sacrificing the significant resources available in a large, global provider. Our core desire is to provide local care, attention, and accountability with major international capabilities tailored precisely to each individual customer, whether it’s a single trial shipment or a major, multi-stage project. We believe there is a difference and we can show you.

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